Website Terms of Use

These are the general terms of use of Fellow Bank Plc’s (hereinafter “Fellow Bank”) website []. Please read these terms carefully before using Fellow Bank’s website. By using or browsing Fellow Bank’s website you agree to these terms of use.

The website may contain special terms for individual services that apply in addition to the terms set out here. The general terms and conditions of digital services apply to the services that are accessible with Fellow Bank’s credentials.

Fellow Bank has the right to amend these terms of use, the content, appearance and availability of the website and the services contained in it, and the requirements of the devices that are needed in order to use the website, or to prevent access to the website or close the website without prior notification.

To the extent any discrepancies between this English version and the Finnish version exist, the Finnish version will prevail.

The service provider

This website offers services that are primarily provided by Fellow Bank. Further information on Fellow Bank can be found at [].

Other service providers

The services of third-party service providers may also be offered on this website. The contact details of third-party service providers are given in connection with the services in question.

Service provider’s liability

These web pages contain general information about Fellow Bank and the services provided by it. The content of the web pages is provided “as is” and without any commitment. The information provided on the web pages cannot be construed under any circumstances as a binding offer, as any other binding representation, or as advice to carry out a legal act unless the service provider explicitly states otherwise.

No warranty is made regarding the content of the service including published texts, images, audio files, animations and any other potential stored information, or regarding the functioning of the service.

Fellow Bank shall not be held liable for the functioning of the website, the activity of third-party service providers or the content of the services provided by these. Fellow Bank shall not be held liable for the suitability of the information, or of any other material, for trading or for some other particular purpose.

Furthermore, Fellow Bank accepts no liability for any expense, loss or other potential damage which may result from the use of this website, or for any advice or other information provided on this website.

Information produced or published by a third party

The purpose of links on the Fellow Bank website to the web pages of other service providers is to provide further information. Fellow Bank accepts no liability for the material or information provided or published by third parties to which there may be a link on this website. A third party must state on its website the information required by legislation about itself, and Fellow Bank accepts no liability for the absence or incompleteness of such information.

Communications via a public data network

The confidentiality of emails sent via a public data network cannot be guaranteed. Sending personal data and other confidential information by email via a public data network should be avoided. Fellow Bank is not obliged to execute orders or other service requests that are received via email over a public data network. Fellow Bank is not liable for any loss or damage that may be incurred by the sender of the message or by a third party resulting from an email being sent via a public data network.

Further information on use of personal data

Fellow Bank complies with applicable legislation valid at any time in the processing of personal data. Further information on use of personal data is available in Fellow Bank’s data protection notice.

Intellectual property rights

The right of ownership, copyrights and all other intellectual property rights pertaining to this website belong to Fellow Bank unless it is explicitly stated on the website that these rights belong to a third party. The material may be viewed, browsed and saved on the client’s device, and parts of it may be printed for personal use. The publication, reproduction, transfer or storage for commercial use of the content of this website or part of it is forbidden without the permission of the holder of the rights. The material may be quoted in accordance with copyright legislation valid at any time. When quoting material, the source must always be cited.

Regional restrictions on provision of service

Fellow Bank has been granted a license to operate in Finland. Therefore, this website and the material published on it are intended for the Finnish market for people who are Finnish or reside in Finland, unless separately agreed or stated otherwise.

Applicable law

Finnish law shall be applied to these terms of use, to Fellow Bank’s website and to the material published on it regardless of the country in which the website is used at any time.

Supervisory authorities

Fellow Bank’s operations are monitored by the Finnish Financial Supervisory Authority.

Financial Supervisory Authority
Snellmaninkatu 6, P.O. Box 103
00101 Helsinki, Finland

The Data Protection Ombudsman monitors compliance with regulations regarding protection of personal data.

Office of the Data Protection Ombudsman
Lintulahdenkuja 4, 00530 Helsinki, Finland
P.O. Box 800, 00531 Helsinki, Finland

Out-of-court dispute resolution entities

Clients may have the opportunity to bring claims presented against Fellow Bank for hearing by the impartial and independent dispute resolution entities listed below. Further information on the operations of the dispute resolution entities is available on their websites.

Finnish Financial Ombudsman Bureau
Insurance Complaints Board, Banking Complaints Board, Investment Complaints Board
Porkkalankatu 1, 00180 Helsinki, Finland

Consumer Disputes Board
Hämeentie 3, P.O. Box 306
00531 Helsinki, Finland