A bank that makes everyday life easier

Fellow Bank is a new Finnish bank that helps both personal and business customers to manage their day-to-day finances with a customer-focused, effortless, and responsible service. For savers, we offer an attractive interest rate on deposits. We have an authorisation granted by the Financial Supervisory Authority and as a Finnish credit institution we are covered by the Finnish deposit guarantee scheme.

Our strategy

We think that taking care of banking matters should be easy. Therefore, our mission is to make everyday financial matters quick and easy for everyone. We focus on offering effortless services and on ensuring that each customer can quickly access great customer service without being passed from one customer service agent to the next. Seamless digital customer experience combined with superior customer service forms the core of our operations.

We keep our pricing transparent and always competitive. We can do this because we are focused and streamlined. We do not offer everything to everyone, and our service selection is strictly limited to the needs of our customers. We do not have expensive offices as our services are provided through digital channels or over the telephone. Our information systems have been created for today’s needs using modern technologies and machine learning.

Our background

Fellow Bank was created on 2 April 2022 when the leading crowdfunding and peer-to-peer lending platform Fellow Finance merged with the company that carries on Evli Bank’s banking services.

Through the merger, the core competencies of these two companies complement each other: Fellow Finance’s solid experience in lending and digital services combined with Evli’s strong expertise in deposit banking operations and risk management.

More than 240,000 credits have been granted through Fellow Finance's advanced lending processes since 2014. In addition, we have provided more than € 970 million in financing to SMEs and individuals, and our digital channels have cumulatively served more than one million loan applicants. With our expertise in credit risk management and the development of machine-learning credit risk models, we have historically generated an average return of 6% on the brokered loan portfolio.

Evli Bank, on the other hand, has been operating as a deposit bank since 2001. We will continue to serve Evli's more than 13,000 deposit customers with an integrated service model, which will create a solid foundation for the new bank's deposit financing.

Our services

As Fellow Bank, we are able to offer our customers an even more comprehensive range of services at competitive interest rates and to serve a larger number of Finnish companies and individuals.

At the beginning of our operations, we offer comprehensive financial services to SMEs and individuals, as well as a fair and secure return on deposits. We will gradually expand our service offering during 2022.

For personal customers, we will offer, among other things:

Business customers will receive comprehensive banking and financial services, including:

Our customers

We serve individuals, SMEs and savers seeking competitive interest rates on their deposits in a straightforward, clear and responsible manner. Everyone is welcome and equally valued as a customer regardless of how much money they have. Our services have been specifically adapted to:

International markets

In addition to Finland, Fellow Bank operates in Denmark, Germany, and Poland.

Our financial targets

Our preliminary long-term financial targets are:

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